Limoges Enamel and Silver Brooch SOLD

Limoges enamel brooch by F.Demamot;  this beautiful brooch is a superb example of the artistry of the Limoges master enamelers and is signed by the artist.  It is mounted in a silver frame and represents the Virgin Mary, one of the most popular subjects at the time.  The enamel work is of fine quality and the blue of her veil positively shimmers.  The brooch is in a shield form and is fixed with a pin and hook to the reverse.  It is also fitted with a ring to attach a security chain.  Weight: 10.50gm.  Signed F. Demamot, Limoges and tested as silver.  Measurements: 4cm x 4cm (I.50″ x 1.50″).   C.1930 Ref: H066-52

Maker: F. Demamot, Limoges
Country of Origin: France
Weight: 10.90gm
Era: 1930
Condition: Very Good
Ref: H066-52

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