Spessartite Garnet and 18ct Gold Bracelet -SOLD

Beautiful garnet and 18ct gold bracelet composed of 7 rows of rich orangey red spessartite garnets weighing a total of 6.50cts.  The bracelet is soft, fluid and feels like ribbon with each stone held by 4 gold claws creating a sparkling effect.  The clasp slides into the bracelet to create an invisible closure and there is a figure-of-eight lock for added security.  Weight 64.7gms;  measurements 19cms x 2cms so this will fit most wrists.  Hallmarked with the French 18ct gold import mark (Owl), Stamped 750 and NC.  This is a truly dramatic piece of jewellery with superb craftsmanship.  The bracelet is in excellent condition and dates from the 1980s.

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